Film and Commercial


Facebook Ad                           Marketing Dir.                           Green Clock Agency

Valley of Vengeance                LuAnne (Lead)                          Dir: Dean Wellman

Fading Slowly                          Cheryl (Lead)                            BrokenBeard Productions

60 Cycle Hum                          Grace (Lead)                            Dir: Dean Wellman

Mystique Casino                      Winner                                      Metro Studios Productions

Dubuque Regional Airport       Gina                                          Happee Smith Productions

Hormel Foods Inc.                   Professional Mom                     Happee Smith Productions

Hormel Foods Inc.                   Rhonda Tate                             Happee Smith Productions

Hillcrest Family                        Professional Woman                OnMedia Productions

Sedona Staffing Services        Employee                                 Happy Smith Productions

Ghost Town                             Shannon (Principal)                  Dir: Neil Wells

Gabriel; Angel of Death           For Hire Wife (Supporting)       Dir: Nic Woodward

Dirty Twin                                Greek Chorus                           Dir: Lyn Berg

National AIDS PSA                 Principal                                    Dir: Michael Coty

Lucky                                       Roommate                                Dir: Sarah Canner

New York Theater

The Child Catcher                    Mary (Lead)                              NYC Int'l Fringe Festival

White Linoleum                        Sally (Lead)                              Long Island City Arts Project

Regional Theater

The Stupid Economy                One Woman Show                     Touring

Peace, Love, and My...             Crystal Stewart                           Bell Tower Theater

Women on Fire                          Zatz, Kalisha                             HogueMade Productions

The Hand that the Cradle...       Alex Cameron                           Bell Tower Theater

Women on Fire                          Zatz, Kalish                                Merely Players Theater

The Vagina Monologues            Various Monologues                  HogueMade Productions

The Option                                 Mrs. Warbler                              Platteville Ensemble

The Precipice                             The Professor                            DugoDug Productions

Only an Orphan Girl                   Ethel Rutherford                        Galena Art Theater

Ballad Hunter                             Gussie                                       Main Street Players

The W(e)I{gh}T                           The Reader                               Dir: Robert Lawson

Poison/Heart                               Medea                                       Dir: Robert Lawson

Architecture of Sight                    Eyepatch                                  Dir: Robert Lawson

Acting Training

Business Coaching                     The Savvy Actor                       New York, NY       

Improv for Actors                         The Second City                      Chicago, IL 

Acting; Meisner                            American Academy of DA       New York, NY

Classical Acting                            Peggy Rae Johnson                Peterborough, NH

Commercial Acting                       Joanne Sylvestrak                   Chicago, IL 

Advanced Film                              Dan Flannery                          Chicago, IL

Monologue                                    Kurt Naebig                             Chicago, IL

Voice Over

Narration                                       Pat Fraley                               LA, California

Commercial                                  Terry Daniel                             Universal Voice Talent

Technique                                     Edge Studios                           New York, NY

Production                                    Edge Studios                           New York, NY


Teleprompter, Various Dialects (great ear, familiar with phonetic alphabet), Athletic, Modern Dance